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At DPSMR, we recognize the importance of investing in our children. One of the best investments that we can make as parents and teachers is to provide quality education for our wards. We endeavor to provide a high quality education as well as equip our students with the best tools to succeed in the outside world. We recognize that very soon, you and your child will start to evaluate options for higher studies.

This can be a very confusing and anxious period for many parents and students. There are many reasons for this, for example sky-rocketing cutoffs, highly competitive entrance tests, lack of knowledge of good study options within and outside India, complicated admission process and tests etc.

Many of our students and parents have shared their confusion and anxiety around the best options for their children after school.

As a part of our tradition of putting the student’s interest first, we would like to support our students and parent in identifying suitable higher studies options. DPSMR plans to partner with “Univariety”, which specializes in the field of university planning and higher education counseling for multiple destination countries. Univariety is part of a Singapore based ‘International Education Gateway’. Their international team comes with over a decade of experience in guiding personalized guidance around which countries, colleges and courses to target for within India and abroad.

We will integrate the Univariety platform within the systems at DPSMR such that you and your child have access to a rich University database. The expert team at Univariety will also help train the in-house counselors at the school about the nuances of higher education choices. Our well structured program aims to guide the student and parent starting in class 11th till the end of class 12th.

We have invited Univariety to conduct an introductory session in the school so that the students and parents can interact. We invite you to come and attend in full force!


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