To Sir with Love


With you around as a friend, mentor & guide
We can easily overcome any turbulent tide
Working under you has changed our lives in a special way
You have taught us shaping young minds is not a child’s play
Patience, persistence, perfection, empathy & creativity
Are some of your virtues coupled with compassion & humility
You are, our dynamic source of inspiration
As we toil each day to do justice to God’s wonderful creation
We & you, Sir, co-partners in this noble venture
Shall surely override winds of change in our joyous adventure
May the Almighty assist us to keep the lamp of knowledge burning bright
His divine Grace will certainly take this prestigious institution to greater heights!!

Staff of Junior Wing
DPS Mathura Road

What can be said about the man who changed not only the appearance but also the mighty heart of DPS Mathura Road. He brought in a source of purpose, a sense of urgency and a definite focus to turn things around for the better. One would visualize a strict no-nonsense persona for an achiever of this caliber but he is far removed from it. He is dignified yet humble, tough in his belief, feels with his heart and is entrenched in history but soars like a poet. His polite demeanour and warm smile reassures students and wins over adversaries.

What can be said about a human being who is a visionary, an icon and a leader par excellence - words fail us but unitedly we say

"Sir we are proud of you"

Our Principal Mr. M.I.Hussain is an educationist par excellence, with a mission to impart quality education with his rich experience and expertise in this field. He is a very passionate educator, motivating and inspiring both students and teachers. In one of the assemblies of Junior School, the Principal spoke on LIFE, I had quickly noted down in my almanac which I would like to share with everyone. He said:

  • Life is an opportunity, make the most of it
  • Life is an adventure, enjoy every moment of it.
  • Life is a game, play it and win it.
  • Life is a duty, we need to fulfill it.
  • Life is a challenge, face it
  • Life is a dream, realize it.
  • Life is short, don't waste it.

Such words of wisdom must be framed in everyone's mind and heart.

Sunita Khanna
I/C Resource Centre Junior School

Respected Sir,

On behalf of the students of class III, I wish to thank you for being our greatest motivator. You have ended our procrastination by saying gently "Do it! "

Your presence at our exhibition on "Entertainment Down the Ages "as part of" The Incredible India "held on 27th Sept, 2022 was indeed very encouraging. The keen interest you displayed in every activity of the exhibition - be it the puppet show, mushaira presentation on Bollywood or even the biscope show, boosted the morale of our children besides successfully providing them an impetus to perform better in future.

Your interaction with the little ones has imbibed in their minds to "always take a pebble of action in order to build their own mountain of success."

Thank you, Sir, for being our mentor and helping all of us to blossom.

Anjula Puri
(Rep. Class III)

The Principal,
DPS Mathura Road, Delhi.

Reg- English Literary Week held in school in September-2009.

Respected Sir,

May I bring this to your kind notice that the English Literary week that was held in Junior Wing this month was extremely fascinating and informative for us.

Besides, this event show cased the school's commitment to providing an all round development environment to the children.

This has immensely benefitted the children and their knowledge in English has increased many folds in a multi dimensional mode. The young minds were at their creative best. They were learning about literary works of great authors, reading some fabulous English Books, participating in various group activities like Quiz Competition, single act plays etc. related to the promotion. What was most satisfying was that every child participated.

Keep it up Sir!

I expect that the School holds this type of events regularly, and introduce similar events for school children in other wings also.

Thanks and Regards,
Vishal Jindal
(Parent of Chirag Jindal, Class 4G)

The Principal,
D.P.S. Mathura Road New Delhi.

Respected Sir,
I was one of the lucky parents to get admission for my child Jhanvi Lamba in Class I in your esteemed institution. Now my child is in class II. I do not have any words to express my gratitude and happiness as my child is doing very well both in academics as well as in co-curricular activities. There is a tremendous development in her personality and is a more confident child now.

I once again thank you for giving opportunity to my child to blossom.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Nidhi Lamba

The Principal,
Delhi Public School,
Mathura Road, New Delhi -110002

Subject: Feedback for Father's Day.

Dear Madam,
I appreciate the celebration of father's day on 24th November 2008 and I congratulate the entire team of DPS for organizing such an interactive and interesting function. We had participated in the memory game and won the same also and enjoyed a lot.

I take this opportunity once again to thank all the teachers and entire team who made us realize the value of time of fathers in the life of children. Also we all fathers who attended the function realize the importance of spending quality time with their children.

Thanks a lot.

Yours Sincerely

Sanjay Vohra
Father: Sameer Vohra
Class - 1 G
DPS Mathura Road

Respected Sir,

You have touched us with your humane approach and we think of you with a deep sense of gratitude. Under your guidance, we have noticed that over the years, students are like 'sails' and this is also evident in your attitude - 'if you cant direct the wind, adjust the sails'.

ou are intelligent and knowledgeable and like to do things differently, with a focus on 'doing'.

Thank you for being a true teacher who defends his pupils and instills in them a confidence difficult to shatter!

Akhil Gupta
(F/o Sagar and Diya)
108 B.D. Estate Delhi-110054

Mr. Mohammed Iqrar Hussain, Principal DPS Mathura Road for over a decade now, is an educationist par excellence having faith in the future, believing in the ability of our students to emerge into great leaders- leaders who can restore our faith, return us to our foundations and help us to look toward the future with optimism and spirit.

On a constant endeavor to have students understand, embrace and employ values such as truth, integrity, competence, commitment and, above all, compassion…he is admirably handling one of the greatest challenges facing education today: that of helping our students understand the vital link between leadership and those values that sustain a democratic society- and, most important, a good society.

Under his able stewardship, the flagship school (of 125+ Delhi Public Schools both in and out of India including 2 in the US) DPS Mathura Road has risen to great prominence.

I see him loving his role of being with his students and having a great deal of patience. He has provided a welcoming environment that nurtures each student ensuring they are comfortable and at ease, whilst also ensuring that maximum learning occurs. This, coupled with a never-ending willingness to ensure that all students reach their maximum potential, constantly striving to 'reach and teach' every student under his care.

A meticulous administrator committed to his work, Mr. Hussain believes in all-round development of students. Warm and jovial, yet a disciplinarian, teaching students to distinguish between right from wrong and good from bad, he toils with zest to ensure his students excel academically and are molded into respectable and productive citizens.

I know many of his students who are holding good positions today are very grateful to him.

Patron of the DPS Alumni Association, he is extremely approachable to the alumni, helpful and courteous- and has guided us on and facilitated several events. It is, therefore, no surprise that his old students still respect and admire him, showering him with so much affection.

To get a glimpse of the poet and philosopher in the remarkable Mr. M.I. Hussain one needs to have a cup of tea and listen to him with his disarming smile.

Rajiv Soni chartered accountant
President, DPS Alumni Association
Cell: 98-993-28283, Gurgaon

The need to build a ‘knowledge society’ for a bright & sustainable future requires development of adequate & quality human resources of the future. As a premier educational institution, DPS, Mathura Road has to lay the foundation for such human resource development.

We are fortunate to have Shri. M.I.Hussain, our beloved Principal, who has measured the pulse of the knowledge society. He has imbibed a spirit of acquiring new knowledge & new experiences among both teachers & students. Under his able leadership Delhi Public School, Mathura Road has been striving to provide a conducive & encouraging environment so that the students are inspired & stimulated all along to think creatively. He has fostered a spirit of “education to be” i.e to educate oneself to enhance one’s abilities & proficiencies throughout one’s lifetime.

As an ideal educationist & competent administrator, our Principal has encouraged all of us to take full advantage of all the means of acquiring knowledge & at the same time to utilize the acquired knowledge in sound ethical & aesthetic ways so that development of knowledge economy will not deprive us from gaining the benefits of acquired human values such as honesty, truthfulness & humility.

While observing the Diamond Jubilee of our school, we feel proud & confident that the leadership of our Principal will guide all of us to re-dedicate ourselves to nurture & prepare our young & budding students to face the challenges of the future & in the process to make our school a distinguished & ideal institution of learning.

Sudha Acharya,
Coordinator (XI & XII)

Mr. M.I. Hussain is understanding, supportive and keeps in mind the students’ needs. We have found out through years of experience that the students of this school are his first priority and all his energy and creativity is focused on the betterment of the students. He guides the students gently but firmly and takes personal interest in their growth and development as individuals. He is like a shining light who guides the students towards higher achievements. That is why Dipsites are proclaimed to be the finest students among all.

Jitendra Gupta F/O Gunjita Gupta

Mr. M.I. Hussain, our Principal of D.P.S Mathura Road, is a diligent personality. He is intelligent, hardworking, supportive, caring and works full-heartily for the welfare of the students of the school and the D.P.S society. He has made our school achieve the 3rd rank among the schools. He is always focused and dedicated to improve the standards of the students’ education and the discipline. His excellence and dignity has forced the students and the society to respect and honor him. We, as the children of the D.P.S Mathura Road, pray to the God that our unique principal remains with us throughout and help us touch the skies!

Ikhlas Ahmad F/O Mukhlis Aziz

Our Principal, Mr. M.I. Hussain is a distinguished man. He joined in 1998 and has been a favourite of students. Strict about discipline, he has also made sure that students take part in all types of activities so that there is an all-round development in the students.

Dr. Alok Jain F/O Kunal Jain

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